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Blue Ridge Portraits
For "Photographers":
1. Always respect a model and she will respect you.
2. Make sure that the objective of the shoot is explained in detail, so that there are no questions later.
3. Always get references from other photographer's that the model has worked with, if at all possible.
4. Try to keep some extra make-up on hand just in case he/she has forgotten some.
5. Always provide a separate changing area.
6. Try not to enter the "model's safe zone"....meaning not touching he/she if it can in any way be avoided. Feeling safe to a model can mean the difference in a good or bad shoot.
7. Send at least (2) references without being asked, with contact information such as phone etc.
8. Try to have as much communication with the model as possible. Whether it be via e-mail and or phone.
9. If for some reason the shoot is delayed or postponed let the model know as soon as you can.
10. Never put a model down unless it is warranted, this could hinder he/she from obtaining work in the future.
11. Always make sure that the model is exactly what you wanted for the specified shoot. Don't wait for he/she to get there and then decide they weren't.
12. Always act in a professional manner.
13. If the model did a good job in your eyes, tell them.
14. Never present yourself as something that you are not.
15. Always have a release for the model to sign.
16. Try to always let the model know where the images are going to be displayed.
17. Make sure that the model has what they will need for the shoot, changes etc. If you have the right clothing etc. let them know ahead of time, and make sure that the sizes are appropriate for the model.
18. Try to be as clear as possible on every aspect of the shoot as you can be.
19. If the shoot is time for prints tell them ahead of time. And make sure that this is understood.
20. A good photographer will be as professional as they can be. And this will come through to a model.
21. If you have a home studio let the model know this.
22. If the model has worked hard and produced some good images, why not treat them to a lunch/dinner, or a tour of the town.
23. If you promise a model "prints" "slides" etc. on a specific date, be sure to deliver. Never say you are going to do something and not do it.
24. Credibility is a valuable commodity, strive to achieve this, and maintain it.
25. If a model e-mails you about a business matter and/or a prior shoot do not take days/weeks to respond. You would expect the same courtesy from the model.
I hope that these tips have helped you. I can only speak from experience. But, experience is the best teacher. If you have other "tips" that can be added. Or, comments please let me know. Good shooting!