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Blue Ridge Modeling
Steps to becoming a Model
If you are an aspiring model looking for direction read and understand the  steps below

We highly recommend that your first step toward a possible career in modeling is to read and understand Realities and Dreams - The Real World of Modeling by John Robey. This document provides some keen insights to the modeling industry and takes a candid look at some of what lies ahead. It also provides many helpful hints on how to start building your portfolio for little or no money.

As an aspiring model, one of your immediate short term goals is to arrange for photo shoots with model photographers. You want to start building your portfolio with professional looking images. However, you need to have something to show photographers who might be willing to do a test shoot you. Photos from school or graduation, prom night, or something similar will be your best bet for starters. If you don't have access to a scanner, take your photos to someplace like Kinko's and have them scanned. Make sure the scanned images are saved as true color in JPEG format, not GIF. If you don't have a Kinko's close by, most camera labs provide this service.

Find a source on the internet to list your information and pictures. This source may be a friend, college, anyone with 'web space' as part of their internet access. You should also consider listing with one or more of the online services that host web pages for models. It is not necessary to pay a great deal of money for this; there are a number of sites that offer free basic listings.

Put the images and html documents at one or more of these sites. You may need to recruit some help if you plan to create your own web pages. If you list with one of the on line model sites, they will create the web pages for you. All you need to do is send them the scanned images.

Announce the URLs of your web pages by posting a message here at the WebModels Forum. State what kind of modeling you're interested in and try to be as specific as possible. Post specific details about yourself - height, weight, measurements, where you are located, etc. The more specific the information you give, the better someone can answer your questions. If you say you want to get into fashion modeling but fail to mention you're only 5'2"...

Contact photographers who post here at the WebModels and other forums. Let them know who you are, your modeling interest, your personal stats, and it helps to include an image or at least the URL to where you images are located.

Spend some time looking at other modeling web sites. Look at the models, their experience, their interests, and look at how you compare to some of them. You should also spend time with magazines such as Elle, Vogue, fitness or swim wear magazines, and again, see how you measure up.

Contact those offering JOBS!!! There really are quite a few offers right here. Contact agents, scouts, and others who list here.

The Internet holds a wealth of knowledge. Visit the web sites linked from the messages you read at the WebModels Forum. Many of them are great sources of information for those looking to get into modeling. Follow some of the links you see listed on those sites.

Visit The Model Shop for live discussions on line with other models, photographers, and other modeling professionals. The Model Shop is a great place to make contacts, pickup tips and advice, discuss what may be going on with your career, and find out what other models are doing, and how they are doing it, what type of success they have had, as well as some of the pitfalls they've faced.

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