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Blue Ridge Modeling
What to have in your portfolio
Your Portfolio
Your portfolio is a personal statement of the work that you want to do, as well as a "bragging book" of work that you have done. Obviously it should show you at your best but it should also show you doing the kinds of work that you want to do.
Your portfolio needs to be constantly updated and revised. Do NOT be led to believe that one photographer can photograph your entire portfolio. It should also show that you can work with different photographers. Today, a web portfolio is almost a must for anyone interested in making any money as a model. That is the whole purpose behind NouveauChic, to help aspiring models to compete with those already established. It is our belief that an enormous amount of really good Talent never gets seen simply because they don't have the resources to compete on the internet. By working with us, you get to focus on your your shoots, learning or perfecting talent, and we do the work of creating digital Comp Cards, Portfolios, and applying to search engines. However, if you do hire someone to help you put your portfolio together he should be able to help with your web site also.

Cost is usually a concern. Getting started doesn't have to be expensive. TFP, Time for Prints, is a great way to acquire shots that can be used to start you on your way. Generally, if you live in or around North Central Illinois, we can arrange a TFP session by one of our amateur photographers for posting on NouveauChic . There are agencies that can get you bookings that will cost you nothing, and although there are sites that can be set up for free, their results tend to look amateurish and their saturated bandwidth is incapable of presenting high quality images without a long wait for the viewer. A busy client searching for talent will often not wait but just move on to the next model in his/her search.

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